A pox on all your houses…

The saga continues. From Kendall Harmon’s website, titusonenine, the summation of Controversy Involving the Bishop of Chelmsford, England, and the Primate of the Anglican Church in Kenya.
I posted a response, along with lots of other people. Here is my response:
# Bob G Says:
May 24th, 2006 at 12:22 pm
Whether anyone agrees with it or not, supports it or not, or will accept it or not, the Lambath resolution calls for us to be in dialogue and to listen to gay and lesbian Christians.
If those opposed to homosexuals in the Church want those in favor of it to abide by the Lambath resolution, then all need to abide by it equally. Those who demand compliance to one part and refuse to comply with both parts are hypocrites. That sounds harsh, but what other conclusion can be made – “we demand you comply, but we will not comply.”
A good many primates in the Global South will not be in dialogue, as called for by the second portion of the Lambath resolution. Their opinions on the interpretation of Scripture applied to homosexuality are set and they will refuse to consider that they may be wrong. There are many bishops, clergy, and lay in the North who agree with their Southern brothers. I cannot help but consider it hypocritical that the demand goes forth to those who support a rethinking of the homosexual issue to stop rethinking and conform to the traditional understanding because the Lambath resolution is the mind of the Communion, when they refuse to comply to the second part of the resolution, which is also the mind of the Communion.
To have integrity, and in my opinion to be faithful to Christ, there needs to be consistency and honesty on both sides. If there will not be, then I see no reason to give much credence to the other side, whether for or against rethinking the issue.
I’ve gotten to the point where I want to say to the 10% hard-core supporters on both sides of the issue to sit down and just shut-up for a while and let the remaining 80% deal with the issue forthrightly.