It is far too easy to claim that one’s (or a group’s) beliefs or calls for change are “Spirit-led,” especially when those beliefs are contrary to the long and traditional understanding of things. Anything we want to change, we now tend to claim the leading by the Spirit and a prophetic voice. Where is the proof?
Coming from a Pentecostal background, I have witnessed Spirit-led stuff that defies reason or logic. I have heard prophetic voices that I know did not know the situation or facts before the prophetic utterance.
Much of what is claimed to be “prophetic” within our Church is nothing more than voices calling for change. I think we need to be very careful when we use the word “prophetic,” and when we really mean change, say change. Lots of things need to change within our Church, but not all of the calls for change are “prophetic” or specifically “Spirit-led.”
The proof of the correctness of any change, I suspect, must come with time and with hindsight. Only if we are willing, that is, to admit or recognize that the previously called for changed, or the change itself if undertaken, may in fact not have been led by the Spirit and then we are willing to undo such change. Otherwise, we are not truly seeking the Spirit of God for the Truth of God, but only striving for change for the sake of change and the ascendancy of our particular viewpoint.