A Nation of Addicts

This is an interesting article. Whether everything said is real and true, the idea that we truly are a nation of addicts is, IMHO.
Here is the article from MarketWatch:
Oil? America’s addicted to everything!
And our denial is sabotaging the economy and markets

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch
Last Update: 1:43 PM ET Feb 14, 2006
ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Addicted to oil? Just oil? You’re joking? No, we’re a “nation of addicts,” doing what addicts do best: Denying reality.
In denial the brain can rationalize anything. The more self-destructive an addict’s behavior, the stronger their denial, louder their protests, arrogance, bravado, even optimism: “I’m fine, everything’s under control!”
So when a Texas oilman admits 295 million Americans are addicted to oil, as President Bush did in his State of the Union address, that’s historic!
I’ve worked professionally with people in and out of recovery; politicians, doctors, celebrities, rock stars, pro athletes and royalty, some in the Middle East, many from the Betty Ford Center. Addicts will do anything to get the next fix or drink, oblivious of the destruction around them. They create living hells, losing health, family, kids, careers, wealth, and most of all, their freedom.
Nations are no different! This is not news. Two decades ago psychologist Anne Wilson Schaef wrote “When Society Becomes an Addict.” Her opening line: “Our society is deteriorating at an alarming rate.” The symptoms: Greed, arrogance, ethical deterioration, obsessiveness, rationalism, self-centeredness, tunnel vision. We’re out of touch, living with an illusion of control.

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