Anthropolical Heresy?

Another post on the House of Bishops/House of Deputies Listserv takes an interesting turn with the following comment. I like this idea, and it well sums up a way of looking at this issue of homosexuality and the current controversies in the Church and in society. Although he says he is a Traditionalist Anglican, he takes a position on partriarchy that most “traditionalists” would not share. Here is the post –

What strikes fear into the hearts of traditionalists, of which I count myself one, is the possibility that it is not just people who are challenging our impeccable opinions, but God. If we have learned anything about tradition over the centuries it is that tradition is flexible, and interrupted and altered sometimes by the God who is alive and well. That can be both comforting and threatening to us who love God but wish that He (…or She. Why is there not a non-genderous pronoun for God?) would stop giving us new information about truth, just when we thought we had it right.

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What now?

I was informed yesterday that the data-research position at the Medical Trust is not going to be filled, which means the direction I thought the next year would go, will not. I’ve been working in the position for the last three months and had planned on going full-time and working at St. Paul’s in Brooklyn for the coming year. This will not happen, as it seems now.
All I have to do is remember the summer I looked for work after finishing my firsts master’s degree to know that very good things can be at the end of a long wait. I have never known a time when God has not provided for me – not the way I wanted or thought it should be done, not when I wanted Him to, but God has always made a way for me in thick and thin.
All I need to do is remember two of my friends in Cleveland, skilled professionals, who went through a period of over a year each searching for a job. I cannot imagine what that was like, especially for one of them.
All I need to do is to do what I can – plan, seek, be diligent, pray, and be open to what I may or may not be doing correctly. Of course, this wait may not at all be “all about me!” I just don’t like it.