Soon and very soon…

A rule of life. I think about leaving seminary and this semi-monastic kinda type of place and realize my need for discipline. There were times when I was extremely disciplined. It seems the hardest thing I can do right now – not that I am lazy or unproductive, but those things I know I need to do for sanity’s sake and for peace and to be strengthened for the journey and all that kind of stuff I just am not doing well. Here I sit, typing, rather than doing the disciplines, rule of life, devotional stuff I want to do and need to do.
Is it all about habit? Do for a while, just a little bit of discipline, and it becomes commonplace and – easy. Am I running? No. Am I working out? No. Am I taking my vitamins? No. Am I praying? Not really, at least in private devotions. Am I eating well? No. I’ve done all those things before and even all at the same time. Routine certainly helps, and right now there is no routine.
Soon. Soon. Soon and very soon… Maybe. I have to. There is just no question that I have to.