I have a great view of the children’s garden a few stories below my bedroom window. The toddlers and kids up to around three or so are out there playing, and I heard one crying, only half paying attention.
I looked out my window and saw one of the kids just hugging another one and patting her on the back. She did this for a good bit of time, releasing and hugging again. After it ended, the hugee wiped her eyes and they went back to playing.
Kids are amazing things!

The name “Griffith”

I have a more reputable source for the mean and origin of the surname, “Griffith.” I heard from another Griffith years ago that the name was Welsh and stood for “red headed tribal chieftain.” Thatç—´ a lot of description for one little word.
So, according to The Family Chronicle, here is the definition:
Griffith is British-Welsh and comes from the middle Welsh “Gruffund;” “und” means lord. The name is taken from or based upon the first name of the ancestor’s father, which makes it patronymic.
And, according to The Sweetest Sound from PBS, it is number 358 out of a possible 55,000 of the most popular surnames in the USA. Go figure.