You go girl! (I have never in my life said this or written this, until now!)

I came across this today:

The following was written by a Christian lady, married, professional,
heterosexual, with grown children:
Alan Keyes, conservative sometime candidate for the presidency of the United
States and now candidate for Senator from Illinois, has recently said that
lesbians are “sinners” and “selfish hedonists.”
As a Roman Catholic Christian (like Keyes) and as a straight woman, I’d like
to dissect this statement.
1. “Sinners.” Catholic theology teaches that all men and women are
sinners, so this is kind of non-news. Keyes could, with equal accuracy, have
proclaimed that all garbage collectors are sinners, or all politicians are
sinners, or whoever. This statement seems hardly worth the ink it takes to
print it, or the breath it takes so say it.
2. “Selfish hedonists.” This is the meat of Keyes’ statement, and
I am frankly startled by it. Note the implication. This is a statement that
straight sex is less fun than lesbian sex. Now, this may or may not be true,
but I’m wondering how Alan Keyes, who, whatever else he is, is a guy, would
know this.
So. Where are we? Lesbians are “hedonists”, meaning, pleasure-seekers. Their
sex is more fun, Keyes is saying. If I were sufficiently “selfish” that’s
what I’d be doing. But no. Since I am “unselfish” and I’m not apparently
interested in pleasure, I, as a straight woman, will be the stoic, bravely
putting up with (less pleasurable? entirely non-pleasurable?) sex with a
man, for the greater good or something. How virtuous of me, right?
My husband was especially pleased by this insight, needless to say.