Here is a good word:

Here is a good word:
malversation: n Dishonest or unethical conduct by somebody in a professional position or public office, often involving bribery, extortion, or embezzlement (formal).
Could this also be applied to Christians who misrepresent the facts – distortion – to support their own ends?
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I find the following article

I find the following article from CitizenLink concerning a challenge from media critic Brent Bozell to Tom Brokau (NBC News anchor) to put his money where his mouth is concerning proof of media liberal bias interesting, not because of the charge or the network’s denial of such bias, but because of the author’s (Stuart Shepard) implication that bias is only one way – liberal. All one has to do is read the CitizenLink updates, or much of anything coming from the “pro-family”/Religious Right camp, to know that conservatives are as biased in their reporting as liberals. There are media outlets, both liberal and conservative, that do a better job in their attempts to be unbiased than others do, but it is not about virtuous conservatives battling against all the evil liberals.
The sad thing, as I see it, is that those who claim to represent Christ are as enmeshed in the manipulation of facts and the misrepresentation of issues and people’s words and beliefs than is secular media. If we are to be a better example, then we must report truthfully – “just the facts, ma誕m.” We must recognize and admit our own biases and do the best we can to safeguard that we do not fall into the same trap. The ends do not justify the means!
Here is the article:
“Media Critic Throws Down Million-Dollar Gauntlet
by Stuart Shepard, correspondent
SUMMARY: Media watchdog Brent Bozell is betting a million dollars the media really are biased.
Conservative media watchdog L. Brent Bozell III does more than just take issue with Tom Brokaw’s recent denial of media bias. He has delivered a substantial challenge to the NBC News anchor.
Brokaw said in a recent interview in the Columbia Journalism Review that he sees no liberal bias in the media, criticizing Bozell in the process.
“Brokaw said what he gets tired of is Brent Bozell trying to make these ‘fine legal points everywhere, every day,’ ” said Tim Graham, director of media analysis for Bozell’s Media Research Center (MRC).
So Graham said his boss decided to offer Brokaw a million-dollar challenge: Assemble an objective panel to judge what MRC has documented on NBC.
In other words, Graham said: “Put your money where your mouth is.”
One MRC example of NBC’s bias: The network connected the Beltway sniper to President Bush, through the head of the company that made the sniper’s gun.
Specifically, Brokaw stated, though it had absolutely no bearing on the shootings: “Richard Dyke was finance chairman for the state of Maine for George W. Bush’s campaign.”
Graham, meanwhile, said if the independent panel finds no bias, Bozell will send $1 million dollars to Brokaw’s favorite charity. But if there is bias, Brokaw would have to give a million to the nonprofit Media Research Center.
CitizenLink Editor Gary Schneeberger, who spent 14 years working for daily newspapers, confessed that his liberal ideals before coming to Christ in 1997 led him to slant his share of stories. And it’s also given him insight into how everyday Americans can combat bias in their local media without having to risk a million dollars.
“The way to do it isn’t to write (editors and news directors) letters and call them up and scream at them that they’re liberal,” Schneeberger said.
Instead, he explained, pro-family conservatives must show newspapers and broadcasters specific examples of their bias and argue for fairness.
“What we want,” he said, “is the opportunity for our best arguments, and our best spokespeople, to be out there making a case.”
NBC did not answer requests for an interview on this topic. MRC, meanwhile, said it has not heard back from Brokaw, either.”

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