Over! It is all over!

Over! It is all over! I took my last final this morning and it is all over!!!! Well, for this semester, anyway. Here is one of the questions we had to address:

We have addressed the topic of Christian monotheism this semester, and its implications for other aspects of Christian belief and practice. Write an essay in which you lay out your understanding of Christian monotheism, relating it to:
a. the natural world as creation
b. the human person as moral agent and social being, and
c. the presence of sin and evil in creation

I know we are supposed to be thinking theologically by now, and the question is a good integrating question, but when I have 45 minutes to deal with this question and we have never address monotheism in relation to the three particulars in class or in the readings, it ain’t easy. But, it is OVER!
On a lighter note, I found out what kind of gay I am.
WOW! What a surprise! You're "Mr. Butch
Masculine Queer." You'd pretty much be
straight if you didn't like boys. Sometimes you
try to hard to look/act/be
"masculine" And sometimes it's
natural. You are every fairy bottom's dream man

What kind of queer are you?
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Okay. That’s it.
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