Bare with me for a

Bare with me for a moment. This could be fun!
I want everyone to know that I have been designated a “Secular Humanist!” Yes, it is true, by taking the “Worldview Test” offered by “Worldview Weekends,” sponsored by the “American Family Association,” it has been determined that I am a secular humanist.
Here is what I propose: get as many people as possible to take their test to skew the results so that the statistics they are collecting reflect a more balanced reflection of Christianity and the American public. Also, it will drive them crazy – suddenly all these people, perhaps a majority depending on how well this goes, are designated “Secular Humanists” or worst! Yes, American is going to hell-in-a-hand-basket because of all these anti-God secular humanists, socialists, and communists. Terrible!
So, here is the webpage. Take the time to fill out the survey and let’s get their panties all in a bunch as we show them that the majority of Christians in America do not support their extreme opinions.
By the way, the instrument they have constructed is horrible, terrible, unbelievably unscientific, so just remember that. It could drive some of you crazy!
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There are so many things

There are so many things going on right now that I want to chronicle, but I have no time to do it. Writing about past events far from their happening just isn’t the same, but I’m going to have to.
Two papers down, and one long one to go. The analysis of my field-placement parish is the longest paper, but the least research oriented. Once that is done, I’m ready for Reading Week, and then exams.
I have to be concerned about the CPE application process, financial aid forms, and scheduling classes for next term. I need to make arrangements for a dentist appointment while I’m back in Ohio. Forget Christmas cards – they just ain’t happenin’ again this year. And, I have not even begun to think about Christmas presents.
It really is too back I cannot write as much as I would like – not that the writing is good at all, but it helps me remember and reflect on the past and see how I’ve changed.
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