This is a very good

This is a very good post, I do think, from the House of Bishops/House of Deputies listserv.

"+Magdalen/Thomas" writes:
> Summa: It is but natural for "animals" be they mammals or 'other' to seek
> sexual release with anyone or anything anywhere.
But no. See, there is way too much "fact" and not enough biology going on here for words.
But anything is good enough for the anti-gay bigots!
So when Akinola says "not even animals do that", the bigots cheer!
And when Thomas Darkus says "animals will do anything, should we?", the bigots cheer!
The interesting and dignified lives of animals get tossed aside here; the notion that animals might have their own nature, which is what it is, and was pronounced "good" by God--and is completely absent the history of original sin and the like--this gets lost. Animals, with their own dignity, their own value, and their own importance, become the whipping boy for the bigots in their haste to insult gay people.
Akinola thinks that animals are filthy--but not as filthy as those nasty faggots. In his haste to express his bigotry, Akinola will tell any lie necessary, of course, but we don't hear Kendall Harmon criticize that.
Thomas Darkus agrees with Akinola, animals are filthy--and thinks we humans certainly shouldn't emulate them.
And then Kendall Harmon says "heterosexuality is de rigeur for every species--at least those that have gender", and then thinks that we should emulate this (mistaken) idea about animals.
And what is most important here is that anything, no matter how vicious, how atrocious, how scientificially groundless, is allowed, provided it is used to attack gay people. We can be pilloried anyway the bigots wish.
Some animals (bonobos) have sex in a way that looks promiscuous to humans. But it's a complex thing--they don't just hump any time the urge comes one, rather, sex is a tremendously important part of their mechanism for soothing social insults and expressing bonds of affection and loyalty--and a way to express violence as well.
Some animals form life-long pair bonds.
But the one thing that all the bigots agree about is that gay people are filthy. Reminds me of when bigots though that all black people were filthy, no matter how clean they might be.
The bigots do not think that a dishonest bishop, a gluttonous bishop, a thieving bishop, a warmongering bishop, are bad. Or rather, they are downright good--heroic even!--provided they mouth the right bigoted bits.
I wait for one of the AAC to stand up and say "we think that Akinola is wrong". That they do not is shameful, even heinous. It is exactly like a northern white guy in 1950 apologizing for southern lynch mobs, while saying "of course lynching is wrong". Except that nobody has stood up and said that Akinola's lying is wrong. Nobody has stood up and said that stealing farms and ejecting laborers is wrong.
For shame!
Right now, when I hear the anti-gay American crowd say "of course we think that killing Matthew Shepard was wrong", I think they are actually lying. They think killing Matthew Shepard was just fine, since they do not in fact object when African bishops engage in the same behavior.
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