We had an eventful morning.

We had an eventful morning. Fred Phelps and his crew were protesting the first day of classes for students of the Harvey Milk High School in Manhattan. Several of us from the seminary went up to counter Phelps and support the students. I look forward and see more prohibition’s taking up the non-hypocritical and consistent application of the Levitical verses on homosexual conduct by demanding death for sodomites, as one of Phelps’ signs indicated. As prohibition’s argument after prohibition’s argument falls by the wayside, the only route left is to get straight to the point – obey the Old Testament, Levitical prescription for death to those men who engage in such behavior.
A former staff leader of the Christian Coalition, who left because he thought they were not being faithful enough, said that until the Religious Right demands what scripture demands – the death penalty for those who engage in homosexual acts – God will not bless the Religious Right’s effort to stop homosexuality.
This is only the consistent way to apply these scriptures in the way they want to use these scriptures. Else, they have to give up the use of the O.T. verses coming under the Levitical Law.
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