I ran into a new

I ran into a new seminarian this past Friday. I think I saw another one moving in today. I moved to NYC last year on August 17th. It seems so odd that new people are now making their way to General and having some of the very same feelings I had then. I find it very hard to believe a year has transpired. Where did it go?
I remember towards the end of August last year saying to myself, “I will be sitting somewhere thinking how quickly a year passed. This year is going to go far more quickly than I can expect.” So then, here I am, and it has! Yea verily, as Leighton would say, this whole experience will soon be over.
Ashton came with me to Ascension today and stayed for both services. He heard my homily at 9:00 and saw me doin’ the stuff at 11:00. Man were the vestments horribly, horribly hot in this humid whether. He said I did well.
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