I bought tickets to Les

I bought tickets to Les Miserables, which is closing in March. I bought them for Ashton for Valentine’s Day – he said a few times now that he wanted to see the musical one last time before it closed. That works out well, because I want to see it for the first time before it closes. The tickets are not cheap – $100.00 bucks apiece. I’m thankful that the seminary will reimburse me for half the price of a cultural event, so it won’t be all that bad. I have to quite spending so much money. I’m not that irresponsible, but a couple hundred dollars for one Broadway musical on a fixed budget when I could have probably spent far less and made Ashton just as happy (maybe). Anyway, it is finished.
I am truly enjoying my Patristics class, as well as my Philisophical Foundations for Theology. This semester, many of the classes support and inform one another – New Testament and Patristics and Philosophy all add to an overall understanding of what was going on during the development of the early Church. So much reading, but it is good reading. As much as I applied myself this past week, and especially this weekend, I have not even finished all the Patristic reading for tomorrow, let alone any of my Old Testament reading. All I can do is what I can do.
Even though there is so much more work this term, I am in such a better frame of mind. I have an idea of what is expected and most of the transitional issues are settled. I suppose I am much more at peace! I even went to all three chapel services on Thursday, which was a first. It was so odd being at Morning Prayer last Monday. It just felt good, comfortable, like I was supposed to be there. There was a familiarity with the experience that seemed right. I’m glad of that. I still have a way to go before I am able to say truly that the services feed my soul, like a regular quiet-time does for me, but I hope I am getting there. Everything in its own time, I suppose.
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