These past two days have

These past two days have not been the best. Yesterday, I woke up quite depressed – if I could just identify what in the world is causing this I would be okay. Things may suck, but if they are understandable I can deal with it. I know the whole moving and leaving everyone, the prospects to come, not knowing the outcome of the next three years, etc., all contribute to this dull ache, which sometimes isn’t so dull.
So, yesterday, I got an e-mail from Continental Airlines advertising their weekly web specials. $69.00 round trip from Cleveland to Newark! I bought a ticket for Patrick to fly to NYC to help unload the truck when I arrived at General. He was then going to fly back on Monday. So, how lucky can I get? Well, walking back from the Student Center the thought struck me like a ton of bricks, “Pat isn’t flying to New York on the 17th, he is flying to New York tomorrow!” Yes, in fact, because of my inattentiveness I failed to notice that the restrictions held that the flights were for this weekend only. Why in the world did I not pay attention to that? So, I called, and they will not change the date, will not apply the cost to another more expensive ticket, will not transfer the ticket – I lose $91.00 when it is all said and done. Okay, if they insist on being that inflexible when I call an hour after making the reservation and will not make any type of accommodation, they won’t get any more of my money! All those flights back and forth between New York City and Cleveland over the next three years – I have choices, and I will exercise them. Pat, in all his consideration, will drive up to NYC and meet me there.
So then, this morning I still do not have a U-haul truck to move all the non-NYC stuff to my parents. Why do I still not have a truck? Who the heck knows, but even after making the reservation more then two weeks ago, they say they MAY have a truck available sometime this afternoon – which really doesn’t do me any good because the U-haul storage facility closes by 7:00 pm tonight. Well, I could probably do it, but no one to help load the truck if it is too late in the afternoon. This does not, of course, make my day any better. U-haul is like Greyhound, they get things moved around but you really can’t count on them all that much, their equipment is generally old, and encountering them isn’t really all that pleasant of an experience. To be fair, I really haven’t had that much problem with U-haul in the past. This just doesn’t make me happy.
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