On my Facebook account, there is a plug-in that gives a new word everyday. Today’s word is:
1 : beginning to be green : greenish
2 : developing or displaying virescence
Buds formed on the bare trees, infusing the stark branches with a slight virescent tint.
That’s a great word! Two of my other favorite words are: Vouchsafe & Vainglory. Maybe, I have a thing for words that begin with a “V.”

…inhuman… not fit to live

UPDATE: It seems that this story and the quote by the bishop may not be on the up-n-up. It seems the story has been pulled from UPI’s website. This from The Living Church.
The latest news report of the natterings of a kind bishop from Nigeria:
From UPI

Cleric condemns homosexuals, lesbians
Sept. 2 (UPI) — Uyo, Sept. 2, 2007 (NAN) The Anglican Bishop of Uyo, Rt. Rev. Isaac Orama, has condemned the activities of homosexuals and lesbians, and described those engaged in them as “insane people”. “It is scaring that any one should be involved in a thing like that and I want to say that they will not escape the wrath of God,” he said. Orama told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) today in Uyo, that the practice, which has worsened over the years, was “unbiblical and against God’s purpose for creating man”. Homosexuals – 2 “Homosexuality and lesbianism are inhuman. Those who practice them are insane, satanic and are not fit to live because they are rebels to God’s purpose for man,” the Bishop said. He noted that the Anglican Church in Nigeria had continued to lead the fight against the practice especially in the US where it led the opposition to same sex marriages. “The aim of such fight is to provide a safe place for those who want to remain faithful Anglicans and Biblical Christians,” he explained.(NAN) NS/IFY/ETS

Well, what more can be said? CANA (those Episcopal Church congregations that have “left” and are now under the Church of Nigeria), I suppose, must support this bishop in his pronouncements. These are the kind of predicaments we get ourselves into when we run wily-nilly after what we think will get us our way.
Fr. Jake has a couple questions and comments.

Appalachian State over Michigan

I know that this is a few days past, but it is still an incredible thing for underdogs! I’ve always been for the underdog.

When I was at Kent State, I always found it absurd that our league played the Big Ten. In my mind, it was simply exploitation that enabled the Big Ten schools to beat up on lesser teams, despite the hype. Well, the planners of these fiascoes now have to consider that their mighty teams could well be beat. A bit humiliating, isn’t it?

The Human Genome

We are far more different from one another than first thought!
Read this news story about the human genome of a single man at Reuters:
Click here
Does this add anything new to our understanding, theologically? I think about “Natural Theology” or the appeal to the example of Nature to justify this or that particular theological/social/moral perspective. If we are really far more different than we thought, what is the common example in Nature?

Anglican-Protestant-Evangelicals vs Anglican-Catholics

Because I am trying my dangedest to separate these “religio-political” and “religio-social” wars we are engaged in from what the faith is really all about, I don’t necessarily have a problem with identifying good stuff when it comes around – whether from a liberal or a conservative (too bad that those terms have been so stained with hypocrisy, inconsistency, and mud that they mean little anymore).
I have said for a while now that once those who are determined to leave the Episcopal Church finally leave (for good or for bad), and the common enemy of the national Episcopal Church leadership is removed from the equation, the old animosities between these groups with one common enemy will re-exert themselves.
So, the Canon Theologian from the Diocese of Fort Worth, Canon John Heidt, has written an interesting essay after his hearing from the Bishop of Pittsburgh (and head of the Network) give his guarantee that Anglo-Catholics will have a place in the new “Anglican” ecclesiastical body in North America (once the godless Episcopal Church as been put in its proverbial place). His essay spells out one of the age-old fights within Anglicanism – between Anglican-Protestant-Evangelicalism on one side and Anglican-Catholicism on the other. The disagreements between these two camps, and others, will only increase as the influence of a common enemy decreases.
These fights have always gone on – it is what makes the Via Media possible, it’s the stuff of the Elizabethan Settlement, it is very Anglican. The difference that I predict will be realized after the schism is that splitting-up will be so much easier because it will already be in the psyche and experience of the new entity, and the dynamic of schism will only continue along these dividing lines of the age-old animosities.
Before, before the latest example of undisciplined and pride-filled splitting up, these groups fought among themselves, but they stayed together because that is what the Church catholic as experienced within Anglicanism did. Now, it is too easy to break apart, yet again. It will not end with one, single, and gloriously pure “Anglican” entity within North America. There is already too much history to draw from to conclude otherwise. Just wait and see.
Anyway, here is the article written by Canon Heidt’s essay on his blog, Transfiguration. He does a good job detailing the differences – it has only begun!
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