Meet Jillian Jensen

These things can be so sappy.  This isn’t so much – and she certainly isn’t.  What we do to our kids and allow to be done to them!

Give a listen (3:45 is when her song/singing actually begin)…

Here she is singing this song in an early performance:

The song is by Jessie J, an English performer.  Here is a video of Jessie J singing her song “Who You Are”:

The rise of…

A very interesting article entitled “What The Rise Of Depeche Mode Teaches You About The Rise Of Digital Design” comparing the rise of digital design today with the rise of synth-pop of the ’70’s & ’80’s (oh, how I remember “Cars” by Gary Numan!)

“After the explosion of synth pop onto the world stage, the press and industry were forced to recognize it as music and embrace it as an art form… For designers, after a pretty decent amount of struggle, we are just barely starting to see the acceptance of digital design as something people should care about.”

Frankly, I see a very similar thing happening within our Church (and that would be the Episcopal Church). I can point to some folks who are doing the rising stuff and in the midst of struggle are making their way (it is, frankly, attitude, belief, and approach more than programmatic anything).  They aren’t really those we hear lot about – or are more often than not put forward by the powers that be! That is just the way it is. Soon, however…


Speaking of “Cars,” here is Gary Numan in a surprise 2009 appearance at a NIN concert in London: