Another accusation

I honestly hope that the accusation against Ted Haggard, who resigned today from the presidency of the National Association of Evangelicals and as lead pastor of his church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A gay escort claims that he has had a three year “business relationship” with Haggard. Haggard has claimed that he has not had sex with any man and has been faithful to his wife.
If the accusation is true, it is tragic. It presents once again the problems with the claims and methods of the anti-gay Religious Right, which advocates for the denial of the reality of an honest homosexual orientation. I know too many people who have accepted the tenets of Exodus, reparative therapy, and the idea that God will heal them of their homosexual temptations and who have married someone of the opposite-sex as they step out in faith and claim their healing.
I hope and prayer is that, whether Haggard is gay or straight is that the good Lord’s will can be accomplished through the tragedy, the heartache, and all the problems this will cause. Does he deserve to be outed if he is truly gay, considering he is a vocal and influential opponent of gay relationships, civil-unions, or marriage? I don’t know. I think hypocrisy should be “outed” where ever it exists – first in me! I just wish that no one who is gay will get married to someone of the opposite sex. It never ends well. At least that is my experience.