I wonder

A fellow seminarian told me today that he came across this weblog. I’m always embarrassed when someone says that.
I wonder whether my job search is adversely effected by this weblog and website. I wonder whether I’m googled and whether those rectors or search committees come across this weblog and decide, well, I’m not sure what they may decide.
I don’t think anything here is very controversial. I suspect that some people may think I obsess over certain issues because those issues seem to make it into my writing more than other issues. I don’t know.
There has been a lot of talk among the older seminarians that many of the assistant and curate positions are only being offered to younger people in their twenties and early thirties. A deployment officer told me that a certain position would be inappropriate for me because the rector is only interviewing young people. If I wanted to be snide, I could make all kinds of comments about good Episcopal social justice and age discrimination.
Frankly, I know that curacies are the places younger people should be placed. I also know that I could be a deacon-in-charge of a small parish. What really frustrates me is the prevailing notion that a staff member must be young to be able to work with young people – high school and college age students. This is ludicrous. After all, if we use this line of argument then all the older coaches, teachers, professors, and the like who have profound influences over students should all be replaced with younger professionals, after all older people cannot relate well and attract young students. Right? My parents are in their sixties and work with the very large youth group of their church. The kids love them. Go figure! It has to do with respect and whether you actually like this age group.