A couple initial reactions to

A couple initial reactions to the ex-gay seminar/meeting last night:
1. It is a good thing when someone comes into relationship with God! That is what we share in common. The freedom, the release, the thrill of coming into a true and realistic understanding of self, as created by God with purpose, held within relationship between God and between peers, is a wonderful experience. This is a true experience available to all of us, but then what?
2. Is there an ability to continue into further understanding and truth, the search for truth, the search for our true selves, without falling into another trap — the trap of convincing ourselves that we ARE a certain something, dependant on a strict belief system that simply replaces our misconception of self and God that occupied our conscious self before God? Do we simply replace one lie for another? Do we simply continue suppressing a truth of who we are, or just transfer the “we are” onto another ideology/theology?
3. People truly experience a freedom, a peace, a realization of things that truly need healing and re-definition. Do the leaders then encourage them to become another contrived thing or do they encourage them to look at all things and to seek truth, even if the truth will totally over turn preconceived notions?
Two young people from Oberlin College were there. They are getting married soon. I hope and pray that they have a realistic understanding of what awaits them, and not simply a youthful and overly optimistic expectation of what their lives will be. If they make an informed decision, before God and in honesty, to be married, then more power to them. But have they? A very nice guy; I don’t know what I think of the girl. She needs attention. I fear a lot of unnecessary struggle and a possibility of tremendous heartache.
More later…..

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