Someone pointed out to me that she was offended by a comment I had written a while back. It came from something I wrote that dealt with the rise of promiscuity and how she interpreted my comments – that I asserted that the fault lay at the feet of women.
I want to make a clarification in case others may have interpreted what I wrote in the same way. I don’t know whether I simply wrote that piece badly or whether she misinterpreted what I wrote, either way I need to clarify.
First of all, just to be clear, I in no way believe that women are separately at fault for the rise of promiscuity! Promiscuity and infidelity have been the domain of men for as long as men have been around, to our shame. As Christians, neither are esteemed as positive or appropriate behaviors or attributes.
Women had a part to play with the rise of promiscuity and infidelity, of course – it takes two to tango, after all. What I think I tried to assert before was that the female contribution to the rise came out of what I consider to be a mistaken assumption or tactic of the woman’s liberation movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s – that for women to have equality with men, they had to take upon themselves male attributes rather than demanding that men acknowledge, respect, value, and esteem unique attributes that women can bring to the table. For women to be equal, it seemed, they had to become like men. So, as the thinking might go, since women thought that to be equal they had to become like men, they too often took upon themselves the worst of male attributes.
Or, something like that.