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Here is another news article from Focus-on-the-Family. They just get it wrong, that’s all. The problem is that in their wrongness, they are trying to excerpt their wrong theological understandings onto the socio-political process. In other words, their goal is to remove, politically any law that might be favorable to homosexual people – not special-rights laws, but anything that presents homosexuals in a positive light or secures an equal footing in the same way heterosexuals enjoy. Likewise, in school curricula, in public forums relating to homosexuality, in popular-culture, etc., they demand that homosexuality and gay people always be presented in the most negative terms. After all, it is a devastating sickness and blatant sin that if left unchecked will cause all gay people to end up in the eternal fires of Hell and cause God’s intentional destruction of American. According to their generalized theories on and opinions of homosexuals, that is, which I don’t think is Biblically or spiritually truthful or empirically verifiable at all.
Anyway, here is the article:
Lesbian Awarded Money from Sept. 11 Victims Fund
By David Brody, Washington, D.C., correspondent
SUMMARY: The lesbian partner of a Sept. 11 victim gets more
than a half-million dollars from the federal government.
The Sept.11 Compensation Fund that was set up to provide
money for victims of the terror attacks has awarded more than a
half-million dollars to a lesbian whose partner died in the tragedy.
Sheila Hein died on Sept. 11 and her partner of 18 years, Peggy
Neff, believed she was entitled to financial compensation. The
federal government apparently agrees because the fund, set up
by the U.S. Department of Justice, gave her $557,000.
Jennifer Middleton, of the Lambda Legal Defense Foundation, is
happy with the decision.
“It’s important that the federal government has recognized that
Peggy and Sheila shared a household like any other married
couple … and that recognition is vitally important to respect
Sheila and help Peggy move on with her life,” Middleton said.
The decision is a clear victory for homosexual advocates, but it
has others worried.
Peter LaBarbera, associate director of the Culture and Family
Institute, feels sorry for the woman who lost a friend, but he said
a line has to be drawn.
“Nine-eleven or no nine-eleven, the government cannot reward
unhealthy homosexual relationships,” LaBarbera said. “We’ve
got to get over our sensitivity on this and deal with it, because
what the other side is doing is using nine-eleven to promote
homosexual relationships.”
Pro-homosexual groups will look at this decision as a clear-cut
case for legitimizing homosexual relationships. LaBarbera said
there’s an unfortunate truth to that.
“In a sense they’re right,” LaBarbera said. “If the government
starts recognizing homosexual relationships and treats them as
the same as normal healthy relationships, then we’re in trouble
because the government is giving these relationships
The man in charge of the Sept. 11 fund is Kenneth Feinberg — a
former chief of staff to Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., who was
named by Attorney General John Ashcroft last year to oversee
the fund. He did not return our calls.

What this article reveals is their anger that gay relationships are treated in the same way that heterosexual relationships are treated. If a straight man, who was divorced and remarried three times, had died in the 9/11 tragedy, then his wife of two years should receive the money. A lesbian relationship, that was 18 years old, should not. Homosexuality has simply become their sin de-jour, their sin that raises the most cash, their sin that enables them to scapegoat a whole class of people and generalize the worst within the gay community to be normative for all gay people. It enables them to hate something and to prove by comparing themselves to gays that they are in fact holy and acceptable to God, because they are not like THOSE people!
I honestly don’t have a problem with the honest ex-gay ministries who try to encourage people to live a life they see fit according to their interpretation of scripture. Fundamentalist expressions of Christianity do not allow for differences of opinion on Biblical interpretation, so they see only their opinion of scripture as being God’s. I don’t agree, and I think Biblical scholarship and the reality of most gay and “ex-gay” and”ex-ex-gay” people’s experience will not support their theories.
The problem is that the Religious-Right, the politicized Christian sub-culture, is taking their theological opinions and demanding that our nation adopt their viewpoint. They demand that civil law abide by their theological notions. It isn’t much different then Islamic law being implemented in many African and Middle-Eastern nations. They demand their notions of Christian law (really Mosaic and Levitical Law) be adopted by civil authorities. What they want is a theocratic form of government – defined by themselves and no other Christian opinion is tolerated. Homosexuality is the bogeyman that they feel is proof that they must succeed, else God will intentionally destroy American. Of course, not all believe this. Of course, there are some who believe that if we truly abide by scripture, then homosexuals need to be put to death, because that is what Leviticus demands. Yet, the prevailing “wisdom” among conservative Christians is that it is wrong, sinful, and destructive to pass laws that give homosexuals and homosexual relationships equal footing with heterosexuals and heterosexual relationships.
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