Draft Anglican Covenant

Here is the Primate’s Final Communique and the draft of the proposed Anglican Covenant.
Go here for the final communique, which deal with The Episcopal Church a little more harshly.
The Anglican Covenant cover page begins:
Report of the Design Group
Introduction to the Draft Text of the Covenant
A Proposal for a Text of the Anglican Covenant
The Status of this Document
This document is the Report of the Covenant Design Group and includes a draft text for a possible Covenant proposed by the Design Group for discussion. It has not yet been officially adopted by any of the Instruments of Communion and is not offered for approval or authorization but released for wider consultation and debate. It was received and debated by the Joint Standing Committee and the Primates and changes are already proposed.

Read it here.
Download it in .pdf format here.
My initial take – well, it isn’t bad. It makes me nervous when at any time I think I am giving over autonomy. It was VERY difficult for me to vow to obey my bishop. VERY difficult, but I did it with complete intent because this is how this Church conducts its affairs, and I believe that I am called to this Church at this time. So, I make my vow, and I mean it, despite how it makes me feel at times.
We are not really giving over any actual autonomy. The four Instruments of Communion will take on new responsibilities, and will be given new types of authority as we live into the Covenant. Of course, this is only the draft. I’m sure changes will be made.
It does sound more Evangelical/Protestant than Catholic, but there is room for both. It does seem to take on a more centralized point of reference concerning new teachings or interpretations of Scripture that may cause particular concern or trouble for other Provinces. There does not seem, however, to be a mechanism for the Instruments of Communion to attempt to force a particular point-of-view on another Province, except for the removal of the particular Church from the Communion. That can be done, now, so it isn’t a big departure. Time will only tell what kind of authority is granted to the Instruments of Authority when such problems occur in the future.
If this is passed right now, I could live within it. The problems will come when my “living within it” does not match other peoples’ definition of “living within it.” Then, we are right back were we started.