Global South

Very good piece on the coming impact of the Global South on the work of theology and praxis – a call to come into their own.
The Long Road to Full Inheritance: Anglican Communion, Anno Domini 2007
By: Dr Michael Poon
His statement, “We can only work for the theological well-being of the Communion if we are able to offer our independent theological contribution.” is very interesting.
My guess is that when the “Global South” truly brings their intelligence and cultures and experiences to bear on the work of theology, what they come up with will not sit very well with many Americans – and with those American Anglicans who are now aligning themselves with the Global South. As Americans, generally, it is very difficult for us to understand the strong significance of culture upon our understanding of everything – the “rose colored glasses” we all wear tend to distort.
What the Global South theological endeavor will do is re-orient theology and praxis in ways we Americans can hardly imagine. I look forward to it, because it will be very different than what we have come to expect as being the very “Christian” way. Most of what we think, now, is mostly American and Western and not particular Christ-centered (despite what we want to think, from both conservative and liberal viewpoints).
What will happen when suddenly Global South theology and praxis look very different from what Americans expect and want?