Man, will this get someone’s knickers in a twist!

This video on YouTube will make the Religious Right go into apoplectic fits. (originally Via Father Jake Stops the World, and then onto Elizabeth Kaeton’s blog)
Things are certainly different in the Netherlands.
I’ve wondered whether the decline in church involvement in much of Europe is a process of shedding the cultural and religious baggage that has so weighed down European Christianity in order for a more Christ-centered form of the faith to develop. I don’t know, but perhaps.
Then, will we have to suffer through a similar thing here in the U.S.? So much of what passes for the faith of those who claim to follow Jesus Christ is culturally American rather than that of a way of being and living that is alien to this world and its systems. Do we need to die to this form of “Church,” in whatever tradition, before we can simply be in God’s way of being?
What might this video and this young man singing about his two fathers suggest? To some, travesty, and to others it may mean much needed progress.