Day – 4

This is a last comment on this topic. Wouldn’t you know it – almost the entire Eucharist this morning was in Spanish. I resigned myself to be present in the service the same way I was present in services in different European services when I served in Europe. I could be present, but not in the way those who understood the language could be present.
I had no idea what the sermon was about, and I forgot the printout of the sermon in English at our table.
These questions still arise: What do we mean by “Common” and how is it experienced in this kind of context? What is the purpose of the convention Eucharist’s?
I do understand the desire for this church to be welcoming and hospitable to all kinds of people. I affirm that desire. But, if we do not provide space for there to be a truly “common” experience, and I understand that some will not sense the commonality like all the others (been there, done that), we will balkanize. We already see this happening concerning our current troubles.
Okay, enough about this.
By the way, I heard the U2charist was great! It is reported that around 700+ showed up – literally standing room only. I wish I could have been there.
It is great seeing people I haven’t talked to in a long time.