Things are progressing. Orientation is

Things are progressing. Orientation is going on. I’ve written lots of stuff in my paper journal and not much here at this point. We get our cable modem hooked up next Thursday, so my Internet access will finally be restored. I’ve been lost and have come across so many things where the Internet would have made life so much easier!
Anyway, the first thing that has caused me to thing or contemplate came today during the reflection after Morning Prayer in the chapel. This is it – simple, sweet, and all that: “What are you seeking?”
So, what am I seeking? I have said repeatedly that I’m seeking Truth, which I believe resides in the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ruth, Sara, and on and on. Is that true? Yes, for the most part, but why am I here? To seek? To learn? To experience New York? To try to figure out what I want to do, or what I’m supposed to do? Why am I here? What am I seeking? An easy life? To call others to seek God? To fool around for a few years?
That is an excellent question to present before people generally. Someone comes by and it is a good question that is none threatening, open, yet with incredible seriousness and potential. What are you seeking? To fill the hole inside? To resolve life? To be at pease? To escape? To be told what to do? and on and on….
More about all that later when I’m able to get to the Internet when I need to, when I feel like just writing, rather then when the lab is convenient.
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