I woke up again this

I woke up again this morning at around 4:15 am. Today is moving day, unless of course I have repeat of last Saturday when U-Haul just couldn’t come up with the truck I reserved two weeks earlier before I had to cancel it – too late in the day. Technically, I still don’t have a truck for today, but was told they think they can have one by noon. This is the last time I use U-Haul, if I can help it. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to reserve a Ryder truck (from a trustworthy place) for the move to New York City.
Friday was hard, but good, my last day. Sharona had a card made with a picture of Pat and I off our cubicle wall. She added an earring and necklace and designed the cover of the card with big bold words – “Bling Bling.” A couple days before a conversation came up where I related our trip to Toronto where Sam and Randy kept going through the cheap shops on Yong St. talking about bling-bling. They both teach in the Cleveland Public Schools as technology guys for the elementary schools. As I was talking, I yelled over the cubicle wall to Sharona, who has worked with the Upward Bound program at Kent and thus with high school students. I asked her if she ever heard of bling-bling, to which she responded, “Yes, Bob, of course I’ve heard of bling-bling,” in that kind of what-do-you-think? way. So, she had the brilliant idea of making the card. It was great. But, the best part was that the card wasn’t just a joke, because she wrote under the card cover, “As you move onto other challenges, remember ‘No pressure, no diamonds.'” It was great!
So, Diane wrote in my book Amy made for me last year. I said goodbye to everyone once again – much harder this year! I said good-bye to Pat, but will see him next weekend as he helps me move to NYC. It is going to be hard not seeing him and talking to him on a regular basis. Amy, I will say good-bye today, probably.
Jason has moved into the apartment and he seems pleased with it. He has dubbed it the “Penthouse.” I think I am taking way too much stuff to NYC, even though it isn’t much at all.
I’m feeling tired. I’m feeling depressed and anxious. I know it will all work out fine. I know I have time even if I don’t get a truck today. My car sold yesterday for what I was asking, so that pressure is gone. In a week, I will be in New York City and start the big adventure.
Oh, I am typing this on my new 17” screen iMac. I didn’t like the new iMac’s when they came out last year, but they are great machines! I love it. I picked it up on Friday after work, which gave me something good to look forward to after an emotional last day at work. Incidentally, it was a whirlwind day – work, computer, went to Boarders one last time with Amy, then a late dinner with Sam and Russ.
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