“She spun away, lost in the place where kids don’t even know their feet are moving.”*
Thought by the narrator after 83 year old Eddie, the protagonist, made a pipe-cleaner animal for a little girl.
The innocence and carefree-ness of children. The image, the feeling, the idea of that place where we are so involved, so rapturously involved, that our minds know nothing else. Our bodies do what they are supposed to do – we spin away – but we are completely unaware of those bodily movements. Imagine, or remember if we can. The simple joy of a pipe-cleaner animal, of running to who-knows-where but running nevertheless, of not worrying – oh, that all encompassing freedom enveloping us as we swim in the sense of what is possible.
God says to not worry, to be childlike in our faith, to know the sense of security in that He will care for our needs, to move in the peace that surpasses all understanding and the joy that knows no bounds, in all of this is our privilege – like being lost in that place were our feet don’t know they are moving.
Mitch Albom, the five people you meet in heaven, Hyperion: New York, 2003; 13.