From what I know, which I admit is limited, most all of the business ventures our current President was involved with throughout his adult life either failed or did very poorly. I will not speculate why, but that is the information I have.
Now, we have a war with no end in sight, a natural disaster, a probable additional nation disaster with hurricane Rita, an incredibly high and ever increasing fiscal deficit, and there is nothing about raising taxes to pay for the billions needed to take care of the Katrina tragedy or for the war, and a continued push for continued tax cuts.
A budget surplus was squandered. I just don’t know what goes on inside our President’s head, and the heads’ of his advisors, as they continue down a path that suggests fiscal ruin. I don’t understand how a Republican, as the party that supposedly champions fiscal responsibility, continues down this path. It makes no sense.
Pork barrel spending by Congress is no better. There is no restraint. They are raiding the treasury for their own benefit and not for the benefit of the nation as a whole or for future generations. Where are the responsible leaders?
I am troubled by the greed, the self-serving, and the short-sighted fiscal policies. Will this administration be just another example of our President’s string of failures? And, just so we are clear, I am not a liberal nor a socialist.