Religion of Self

Most of American Christianity has become a “religion of self.” It may apply to “cafeteria Catholics” or Episcopalians. It certainly applies to Unitarian Universalists (remember their commercials from several years ago that depicted people cobbling together their own belief systems). It applies to American Evangelicalism/Fundamentalism in the “me and Jesus” mentality and the incessant splitting of congregations and denominations as if we can say to one another, “you are not needed any longer,” as we yell heresy.
It is grounded in self, the defining of faith by individual religious feelings, rather than seeking Truth. The individual is paramount.
As I have come to understand the notion of the “catholic” nature of the Church, I have moved further and further away from “religion of self.” I am not the final arbiter of what is Truth, even my “personal truth.” I can reject anything and blindly believe anything, but Truth is something that is beyond the mere self.
So, what does this all mean?