Just got done talking with

Just got done talking with Ruben. We’ve been playing phone-tag for a few weeks now, but to be honest he has been much more diligent in trying to get hold of me then I him. Time – where does the time go? I was very glad to talk to him. We met a couple years ago during the Soulforce action in Cleveland during the United Methodist Convention. Ruben is a really neat guy – very interesting, very passionate, honest. Hopefully, he will be able to visit in New York (he lives in Miami).
On another note, I was talking this morning with a new guy who came to Frontrunners (actually he has been there a couple times before, but I haven’t really talked to him). When he found out I am going to seminary conversation turned to those sorts of things. He made a comment about his observations of gay male culture that really resonated with me. He said he has observed three things of gay males (which of course are generalizations, yet certainly true for many), 1) they are lonely; 2) they are obsessed with sex; and 3) they have been so disillusioned (my word) with the church/Christianity that they deal not at all with their own spirituality or get involved in an unconcerted way with new age and/or nefarious sorts of spirituality.
I think I agree with him.
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