Problems with Cohen

‘Ex-gay’ therapist cited for ethics breeches
Tom Musbach, PlanetOut Network
Wednesday, January 26, 2005 / 06:19 PM
Richard Cohen, an influential figure in the “ex-gay” movement, has been permanently expelled from the American Counseling Association (ACA) because of ethics violations, according to an ACA document…
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Here is a very good opinion piece by Mel White concerning Fundamentalists (from a variety of religions) who blame the Tsunami in part on homosexuals.
We have been warned: A closer look at extremists who blame LGBT people for disasters
by the Rev. Dr. Mel White, executive director, Soulforce
December 16, 2004
After the catastrophic tsunamis struck on Dec. 26, most religious leaders of every faith rushed to their pulpits and urged their members to support the victims of this natural tragedy with prayers, food, clothing, medicine and money…
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