Taking some time to engage

Classes begin again in a week. Over the past few weeks I have taken some time, in the midst of finishing a paper on Christology, to be engaged in the debates that our Church is going through right now. I do not presume or pretend that I have anything useful or important to say, but engaging in the debate certainly helps me clarify my own understanding and sharpen my ability to verbalize what I actually believe in the midst of challenge. This is taking place primarily through Kendall Harmon’s website: titusonenine.
Here are links to the specific posts of Kendall’s that I have make comments:
Don Browning reviews Bradford Wilcoxç—´ Good Christian men: How faith shapes fathers


The Anglican Decision

I know I need to shorten what I write. I suspect that will come in time when I am not so much attempting to just get stuff out of my mind and onto “paper.”

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