GOE – Sets 3 & 4

I am brain dead! Our third and fourth sets are now over.
Each “set” relates to one of the seven canonical areas the Episcopal Church expects its priests to be familiar with. Each set consists of one or a series of questions to be answered in essay form. For half-day questions (6 in all) we have 3-1/2 hours to answer the question and are restricted to three single-spaced typed pages. For the single full-day question, we are given 7 hours and six single-spaced typed pages.
The seven canonical areas are:
+ The Holy Scriptures
+ Church History, including the Ecumenical Movement
+ Christian Theology, including Missionary Theology and Missiology
+ Christian Ethics and Moral Theology
+ Studies in Contemporary Society, including Racial and Minority Groups
+ Liturgics and Church Music
+ Theory and practice of Ministry
Tomorrow, Wednesday, is a day off. We resume the GOE’s on Thursday, which is the full-day set on the topic of Theology. Only two more days!!!

1 thought on “GOE – Sets 3 & 4

  1. Hang in there, Bob! Isn’t amazing (and sad) what a complicated mess we’ve made of the simple Good News of Jesus?
    When I read your blog, I’m glad that I wasn’t accepted into seminary, but my hat’s off to you for your dedication and determination.
    Peace and Love,

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