Stop and change

There is a point, well actually many points if one is consistent, in all of our lives, but especially in the lives of Christians, when we must stop and examine our lives and repent.
We all fail and fall short of what God desires for our lives – whether in our temporal or spiritual lives. We all approach God asking for forgiveness, if we abide by our baptismal covenant that is. There is more, however.
There comes a point (many points during life’s progression) when we must stop and repent – not only seek forgiveness, but turn away from that thing, whatever it may be, that stops our progression and interferes in our relationship(s) with God and with one another.
Living a Holy Life is possible; why is it impossible to live a holy life? Only in Christ, despite and through our failings, as long as we return to God in the midst of our failing and desire to live within the Way of God (life to the full!). Repent, and live.

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