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I find the Emergent Church movement very interesting. From what I observe, it seems to be an organic merging of many aspects of Evangelicalism (from the children who are tired and skeptical of the Baby-Boomer Evangelicals that have created the Religious Right) and aspects of the ancient sacramental and liturgical Church. Not really like true Anglican-Evangelicalism, but not far off. Not at all like the “Anglican-Evangelicals” that have become so reactionary and appear more like the worst of “American Evangelicalism” than honestly Anglican.
There are many aspects of this nascent movement that are very appealing to me, especially as an Anglican who thinks about evangelism, and especially considering unchurched young people.
There is a sea-change afoot in the Christian religious landscape in the West and a little further out in time in the world. If we are not careful, the worse of us will be triumphant in this country. I want to help keep that from happening.
What is authentic in a personal experience of the Divine – a relationship with God (“Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” as a name for God) through Jesus Christ? A different question: How do we authentically experience God and community as we worship God together – experience God in the community of faith?
“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting;
it has been found difficult and left untried.”

G. K. Chesterton

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