they don’t get it

There is truth to the conservative Anglicans who say the liberals just don’t get it.
As much as I am critical of the self-righteousness and arogance of many conservatives right now, many liberals are no different (and probably more so).
It reminds me of the controversies between John Henry Newman and his cohorts (Mozley, say) and Tyndall and his (Powel, say).
The strains of difference between these theological and philosophical beliefs are still being played out today. There are those who believe that the Enlightenment, rationalism, and science, etcetera, are the basis for claims of truth and that our understanding of truths of God must be in line with science and rational thought, which ultimately are all of God. Then, there are those who believe that we begin with the truth claims of God as revealed in Scripture and Tradition, and our understanding of the world and humankind must first begin with God’s Truth. Or, something like that.
It is my experience that many more liberal people, and many progressives, do not understand the subjective experience people have with God – an honest relationship. It is also my experience that many conservatives are too willing to just make a belief claim without substantial and honest justifications/apologetics for those positions – many of their beliefs are very thin and sometimes just irrational and inconsistent.
I don’t know. I don’t want to be in an organization that is only one or the other. I’m afraid the Episcopal Church will end up being only one, like the denomination I left for Anglicanism.

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