the worst of us

Kendall Harmon posted excerpts from an article in the Belfast Telegraph concerning Archbishop Eames and the Windsor Report (from the Lambeth Commission).
I read some of the comments to Kendall’s posting, and present two of them to show the vastly different opinions held by many of us. The second comment, I think, speaks to the worst of us.
Comment #1 –

Overall good article. But Mr. Jensen, like others before him has missed the fact that the issue of “homosexualtiy” has been settled by resolution I.10 of Lamberth 1998 (that item was mentioned in the initial charge to the Commission, by the bye). Hence, theere was no need for +Eames and company to even deal with it.
Yes, I am afraid that most of us citizens of the US can be, and have been, “arrogant” when it comes to our many blessings. Perhaps for Episcopalians this might be a good lesson in the virtues of humility. I can speak only for myself, but I have learned much about that (with much more to learn, as I am sure someone might point out!).
Looking back at 15 months of intense verbiage, both pro and con, I can see where there was an issue of arrogance on both sides of the issue and a real lack of Christian Charity also. I confess that Z have been guilty of such lacks. But this is what we get when we treat the things of God as a matter of political action and maneuvering rather than matters calling for prayer, reflection, confession and meditiation before acting.
MondayÂ’s posting of the Windsor report (another name to keep up with!!) will tell us much about the direction that the Anglican Communion might be headed in. It will definitely be a time calling for sober reflection.
At the risk of sounding “arrogant” myself, might I suggest quite a few moments of silence occur before we all start “speaking” our view of what this report does or does not accomplish?
Veni Creator Spiritus!
Comment by (I removed the name) — 10/16/2004 @ 10:59 am

Comment #2 –

I am tired of all the “we-speak” with such comments “yes, weÂ’ve all been arrogant.” “I can see where there has been an issue of arrogance on both sides.” Speak for yourself Mr. Lewis; if you have been arrogant with regards to your many blessing, confess that and repent. “Perhaps for Episcopalians this might be a good lesson in the virtues of humility.” Translation: “everyoneÂ’s faith and practice must meet my standards.” Stop it! There is one God, the Lord. Obey Him according His Word revealed in scripture. Homosexuality is sin. Homosexuals have no place in the living Body of Christ and therefore should have no place in the visible church. Forget about man-made “higher standards” by modern day pharisees that make “arrogance” a greater sin than homosexuality. “Arrogance” is the religious version of Political Correctness. Arrogance is everything that is not tolerant, not diverse, not a “new work of God”. You want humility? HereÂ’s humility. Let God be the Judge and by God pray for mercy!
Comment by (I removed the name) — 10/16/2004 @ 11:40 am

Comment #2 comes from what I honestly believe is a dangerous form of fundamentalist, whether Anglican or American. I still wonder how this person, and the Church in general, can honestly say that now, today, in the first part of the 21st century, that the Church has it all together and knows all things, when for the past 2,000 years our history is full of getting things wrong. Arrogance? you better believe it!

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