Classes and…

Classes have begun and life is crazy once again. An Ember Day letter is due, and there are too many things hanging loose. The end of seminary is fast approaching.
I read this recent e-mail update from Stephen Bennett Ministries.

There are “gay” activists who hate the work of SBM and other “Christian”
organizations who disagree with SBM’s ministry — yet we don’t care any
more. After four years, we’ve stopped worrying about what others think and
are focusing COMPLETELY on what the Lord has called us to do…
The promotion and acceptance of homosexuality is the NUMBER ONE issue in
America today destroying our nation, our culture and our families.
We are
NOT afraid to go on the front lines — and YOU can allow us to do so through
your financial support and prayers.

Is he that myopic or does he really, honestly, truthfully believe that homosexuality is the “NUMBER ONE” issue destroying this country, culture, and families?

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