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I wrote this in response to a comment Jackie added to my post, “Good Stuff.” I decided to make part of it a post all its own…
It has been interesting to notice the different kinds of people that the different churches attract. I spent most of my life in the Evangelical side of the church, and while the Evangelical/Pentecostal/Charismatic denominations and churches grew dramatically in many cases, the people who came into those churches by-and-large where Christians who were simply changing churches, or perhaps lapsed Christians coming back to the church. There were not many un-churched, non-believers who began for the first time attending these churches, with obvious exceptions. The large charismatic Episcopal Church in my town grew, but I know that most of the new growth came from Christians changing churches, not from new un-churched, non-believers who accepted Christ for the first time.
I have found, however, that the Episcopal Church is drawing many un-churched people who are curious about Christ and His Way and seeking truth. They do not feel comfortable attending an Evangelical church, but they are comfortable to begin their journey to Jesus Christ in this context. I have found, through observation, that the Episcopal Church attracts more un-churched non-believers to its ranks than does Evangelicalism. No, that does mean that the sinners can feel comfortable remaining in their sin because they attend an apostate Episcopal church that says they don稚 have to change anything to be a Christian! Who has the greatest effect on un-churched, non-believers who are seeking God? From my personal experience and observations, I think the Episcopal Church does.

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