Well, this morning as I

Well, this morning as I was writing in my paper journal, I finally realized that most of my current angst revolves around loneliness. Yes, I hate to say, I think that is the base problem. Not that I have no friends, because I have more then I can deal with, but what I don’t have right now is a buddy living close enough so that we could just hang-out, so that I could just drop by and hang-out or visa-versa. Yes, loneliness. Of course, a boyfriend would be nice, too.
I’ve also realized that writing in a weblog or even in my honest-to-goodness online journal just isn’t the same as writing on paper. It may have to do with the fact that my paper journal will not be read by anyone, so I feel freer to write anything. But, it just isn’t an issue of how vulnerable or honest I’m going to be. It just feels different. I just write better. I’m able to work through issues on paper and that just doesn’t seem to happen online. Besides, I now have three different “places” I’m writing – blogger, my hand created online journal, and my quiet-time entries. That doesn’t count my paper journal. Why?

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