“In the club, which was

“In the club, which was in a basement on the West Side, there were girls in bell-bottoms and belly shirts. Jamie said he was appalled by the retro-craze. ‘It’s regressive,’ he explained. ‘It means you are out of ideas, have surrendered to the past, have convinced yourself time has stopped.’ Wearing such cloths, he explained, requires an industrial-strength irony, a joke so finely tuned it forgets it’s joke. ‘So you see, these people are not actually living in the world but in a muddy reflection of the world.’ That led him to the subject of multitasking, wherein people, in one moment, perform two tasks: talk to the bank, fold the laundry. ‘The age of the multitask is a bankrupt age,’ said Jamie. ‘It’s an age in which , by trying to have two experiences simultaneously, you ruin both and so have no experience at all.'” – Lake Effect by Rich Cohen
This book has pushed my emotions all over the map. Something rarely done. I don’t know whether I really like it or not. But, for the good, it caused me to remember those grand times growing up in a small town on Lake Erie.

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