Welp, I got word today

Welp, I got word today concerning my living arrangements at General come this fall – General Theological Seminary in Manhattan, which I will be attending for the next three years. Anyway, two options were given to me. The first: a three room dorm suite in the basement of one of the seminary buildings with separate and common laundry and bathroom facilities. No kitchen – which is bad because the seminary only provides meals during the week and only 5 lunches and 4 dinners. The second: a new co-op arrangement they are trying this year. There would be 5 guys living in a 5 bedroom apartment. There would be a common kitchen, laundry, living area. It used to be an apartment for one of the faculty with a big family. The apartment is a fifth-floor walk-up. That’s a lot of stairs – good exercise, I think.
So, I chose the apartment. It could be fun. It could be a seminary Real World experience.
I’m planning on having the webcam actually working on a regular bases, and I’m sure that people would find the lives of 5 people much more interesting then watching me fall asleep as I attempt to study. Well, if the other guys go for it, that is.
The whole experience could be a lot of fun and a good experience, or I’m just stupid.

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