Okay, I went to the

Okay, I went to the parade. I was actually disappointed in the creativity – I had expected a whole lot more. My gosh, after all, if they televise the thing nationally, which they did a couple years ago, I could expect something fantastic, could I not? I guess having so many more people around just means you have so much more mediocrity. Everyone had a lot of fun, which was the important thing, so it was not all bad. I did see a lot of interesting people. A group of gay guys and a women or two where in a group and they were hilarious to listen to. The parade used to wind its way throughout the streets of the West Village and was simply made up of neighborhood people. They even went through the small side streets, until it all just got too bid. They now parade up 6th Ave. and people from all over come to participate.
This was the first time I have been in a crush of people. The sidewalks, and then part of the streets, where simply filled with people. There was a group of gay guys and a few women standing by me. They were hilarious – a lot of fun. It literally took me more than five minutes to negotiate around a street corner – I mean around the side of a building. It was a fun experience, if only to be in a crowd like that.
Frankly, I had more fun watching all the kids trick-or-treating with their parents around Chelsea then I did at the parade. I am amazed and heartened to see so many kids dressed up and doing this kind of thing in the city. They would go from business to business and then later, after dark, they went to brownstones throughout the neighborhood. Everyone was in a very good mood – but how could not be seeing all these kids so excited and all dressed up. There was one little boy, probably around three, that was dressed up in a full-body, furry dog costume running in from of this dad. I new it was his dad (I suspect) because he had the “dog” on a leash. It was so cute – the kid just running ahead of him like a dog would do. He looked like he was so excited.
I did treat myself by walking up to Chocolate Bar and having a hot chocolate, or as they put it “Liquid Chocolate.” It was good. It also enabled me to watch the throng streaming through the streets in costume and just gawking. There were two guys dressed up in white “Tron” costumes. They seemed to get the most reaction out of people – “Hey Tron! I loved Tron!”
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