Life goes on…

Back in the ’90’s and aughts I worked on a lot of websites, including my own. My tagline still remains, “This is my signature.” It was fun during the halcyon days of web development when everything was still just HTML (well, maybe some FLASH, CSS, xml – you know, cutting edge stuff!). My old website is still up, I still pay for the hosting service, but I haven’t updated it in probably 12-years or so. I have great intentions of still playing in the web-world… but nothing is the same as it was back then and that world has passed me by. WordPress works just fine.

It’s interesting going back and clicking on all the old links to websites that impressed and inspired me by creatives, designers, early blogging pioneers, etc.(I even got a free Blogger hoodie from Google when it bought the company), and issue oriented websites that seemed to say something significant other than the status quo blah, blah, blah. Most all of the sites are now gone. I suppose for most of those people, their lives moved on… like me and my own 12-year out-of-date simple HTML-CSS website. At least my URL still works.

Do I take the time to go back and update everything… make it right, relevant, or just let it go as a window into an earlier time in my life?

I can’t help thinking about relationships that I’ve let go of in similar ways. I just stopped “updating” them. Like my website, I think about most all of them from time-to-time and even visit with old friends and extended family on occasion… the URL’s still work… but what about those relationships? Fond memories, now, or…

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