I gotta study and I

I gotta study and I don’t wanna! Please don’t make me read any more about Medieval English Christianity! Please cancel the paper on Julian of Norwich! Please don’t make us right a book review, picking 12 topics to write on from Pastors and the Care of Souls in Medieval England! Actually, the discussion on Trinity (what the heck?) during Systematics was quite good. I tend to dominate. I need to quit doing that, but I process out loud, and repeating all that Patristics stuff helps me remember it.
Of course, then there is Liturgics. Do an analysis of “Space” at St. Thomas, 5th Ave., and St. Peters Lutheran, somewhere in Mid-town, and write a long paper on it. What does the “space” say about the church’s theology of community, nation, individual, movement, eucharist, involvement, yadda, yadda, yadda. Ugghhhhh……. Actually, it is interesting. I’m just complaining, which I know I need to stop doing because I am bugging people. What, then, Pastoral Theology and Homiletics.
I’m also not studying!
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