I was quoted in the

I was quoted in the New York Post yesterday. The Times would have been better, but I’ll take what I can get. 🙂
Fred Phelps and his cronies were protesting the first day of classes of the Harvey Milk High School. The school is for LGBT students where were so harassed and abused in their regular public school that this is their last option. So, Fred was there to make sure the kids knew that they were hell-bound, that according to Leviticus they should be put to death, and that they are destroying the nation. The Post estimated about 200 counter-protesters, including around 17 of us from General. Here is the paragraph:
“Religion and holy writ were also invoked by many of the more than 200 people, most of them New Yorkers, who turned up to support the students, who were quickly ushered past police barricades into the school. ‘I’m here as a Christian,’ said supporter Bob Griffith, 42,” (okay, so they got my age wrong!) “of Manhattan. ‘The kind of sentiment being expressed [by the protesters] is not true to what God would have us do.'”
There you have it. I wonder if that is my fifteen minutes of fame? Being in the Gay People’s Chronicle in Cleveland several times isn’t quite the same as the New York Post, I suppose.
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