Pulled Out

Somethings, someone unexpectedly enters my life who pulls me out of myself – honestly so. Living in the City, to eke out a bit of “privacy” in the midst of crowds often means I have to kind of ignore others around me (even though I love watching people). Add to that my tendency to be in my head way too much, and then the reality that I have a hard time explaining myself to others so it is just too easy not to bother. Then, I get pulled out of myself and it is a wonderful thing, but it is confusing in the beginning because I’m not used to it and I mess things up more often than not. Yet, it is good to begin to notice all manner of things, once again (like on the subway talking to a Muslim student or the coach and thirty boys of a London Ignatian youth rugby team coming back from a “tedious” Mets baseball game). I am thankful to be pulled out, even in my messiness.

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