At times it seems that

At times it seems that the American culture/policy is the Wall Mart of the world – we move in, cut the prices until all the locals are out of business, and then just pull out when our margins are high enough. Sometimes, it seems like the politicized Evangelical church is the Wall Mart of Christianity – they bully their way in, demand that everyone accept their definitions, their theological determinations, and in the minds of the majority of unchurched Americans declare that they are the only true vain of Christianity – the only true Christians, God’s chosen. In politics, they (politicized Evangelicalism, remember) proclaim they are the salvation of all cultural wrongs, all personal foibles and proclivities because their mind is God’s mind – legalistic righteousness. Granted, they generally don’t skip town when the margins are too low, but according to their way of thinking, it doesn’t matter that there are already present viable and vibrant Christian assemblies who do not share their views on theology, worship, living, aesthetics, and just about anything else. Since they are the low-price leader, the rest of these quaint, outdated, and presumably losing ventures need to move aside while they take care of the locals.
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